Build a SaaS app in 15 minutes

Pre-built Paddle subscription management
for new or existing Laravel applications.

You want to build an online subscription business, but you're dreading...
  • Setting up user auth and account management
  • Connection to a payment gateway
  • Learning a bunch of new frameworks and tools to render your UI
Peddle can help you! It makes these things simple and you can customise the bits you want by overriding Blade views.
Subscriptions & Invoices

Subscriptions, plan switching, cancellations, coupons and invoicing is ready out of the box.


Registrations, login, password resets, verification e-mails and account settings comes prebuilt.

Admin Dashboard

A customizable admin dashboard showing your latest subscriptions, total users and total revenue per plan is available to you.

Integrated with Paddle

Paddle is a safe and secure payment gateway that can pay into your PayPal or bank account.

Easy to Use

We've worked hard to make it the simplest headless subscription manager you'll ever use. It takes minutes to set up.

Completely independent

Peddle has it's own routes, views, and auth. You choose what to override. You can even brand it using config variables.

No JavaScript!

You shouldn't need to learn a JavaScript framework to sell your stuff. Peddle works with good ol' form submissions.

Works in existing apps

It's safely isolated, so put it on your blog or video tutorial site. You can even customise the database table names and url prefix.

Styled with Tailwind

Every bit of CSS comes from Tailwind. There's no complex build tool or setup. Use those utility classes!

Side Hustle

Available Features
✓ Access to Peddle
✓ Updates for a year
✓ Unlimited sites
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Business Time

Available Features
✓ Access to Peddle
✓ Updates for a year
✓ Unlimited sites
✓ Priority support
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