Installing Peddle

Peddle is a pre-built subscription manager for Laravel 7. We've created a Composer-installable package that works well in new or existing applications.

After you've subscribed to Peddle, you can add the private GitHub repository to your project, with:

composer config repositories.peddle vcs

This will add or extend a section of config in composer.json, which resembles:

"repositories": {
    "peddle": {
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""

If you prefer, you can manually edit your composer.json file to include the above code.

Then, you can install the latest version of Peddle with:

composer require gitstore/peddle

Peddle registers its own providers, so you won't need to edit any config files. Peddle also has views and config and migrations.

To publish views and config, use the following command:

artisan vendor:publish --tag=peddle

This will create a new config file, as app/config/peddle.php, and copy the peddle views to resources/views/vendor/peddle.

You'll need to set up your plans, in Paddle. Create an account, and then go to Catalog β†’ Subscription Plans. Here, you can create any number of plans for your Peddle app.

Once you've created a plan, the list page should show the plan id. Go to your app's code folder β†’ config/peddle.php and make sure the plans array matches the plans you want to use in paddle. The id value should match that id you got after creating a plan in Paddle.

If you can't find that config file, you probably still need to publish the Peddle files. artisan vendor:publish --tag=peddle

The default Peddle home page will reflect these plans, as a way of reminding you have you've already set up...Or still need to set up.