Upgrading from v1.0 to v1.1

v1.1 introduced localisation in the Peddle views in a way that's easier to extend. If you don't need to support multiple languages, you probably don't need to make any changes to your app. If you want to support multiple languages, you can publish the translation files with:

artisan vendor:publish --tag=peddle-translations

If you've overridden some Peddle views, take a look at what the original views look like, to see what translation keys you should use.

We've also added a new grace string, to the @peddle and auth()->user()->peddle() helpers. You can use it to tell whether the user has cancelled their subscription:

    You have access to all the things.

        Your subscription will expire
        {{ auth()->user()->subscription('default')
            ->ends_at->diffForHumans() }}