Testing Peddle
This short video demonstrates how to run the Peddle test suite.
more details Ever wondered how something like Peddle is tested, or considering extending Peddle functionality? Watch this short video to find out how to run the tests that Peddle ships with.
1.0.15 • 10 months ago • Christopher
Using Peddle in an existing app
I decided to use Peddle in an app I was previously using PayPal in.
more details One of the ways that we make sure Peddle works and is easy is to use it in as many places as we can. After all, we built Peddle to scratch our own itch. This (sometimes waffly) video demonstrates how I set Peddle up, and how much of my old code I can delete as a result.
1.0.10 • 10 months ago • Christopher
Getting Started
Peddle being installed on a fresh installation of Laravel 7
more details In this video we show you how you can start building a Peddle powered Laravel 7 app from scratch
1 • 1 year ago • Jason Adriaan